Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round Robin Photo Challenge ~ Growing

Everything in my backyard is new to me since we moved into this house in November - so it's been an exciting Spring seeing the changes being made before our eyes as if it is a Surprise Party all Season long!
This beautiful flower has shown up amongst the ivy; it must be from something else but I can't see what! If you know what this is, please inform me! You can see there is a 2nd blossom in the background - which is shown in the 3rd picture below:For more fantastic photography on the topic of "growing" please visit: Round Robin Photo Challenge


Carly said...

Hi Jen :)

Very, very pretty! I am not sure what kind of flower it is, but it is so pretty! Well done.


Suzanne R said...

I am not familiar with the flower, but it's a beautiful one! Nice shots!

Monica said...

What a pretty flower and such a beautiful color. Thanks for sharing.

a corgi said...

what a beautiful flower! I'm flower challenged (LOL) so I'm not sure what kind it is, but it truly is gorgeous!

have a wonderful Sunday!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Well..congrats on your finds! You have a Clematis and an Ivy. The leaves on a Clematis are different, look closely and you will see them.
It is Clematis 'Nelly Moser'
I remember the first house we bough with a real "yard" a long time ago, we also moved in the Fall..and everyday in the spring was just like Christmas! You brought back just that feeling with your blog entry today..Thanks! :)

Butch and Angie said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The first year will be so fun watching as different plants do their thing in your yard. We took photos each month when we move into our house to see how things changed and use them the next year to avoid pulling up flowers that seemed like weeds at first!

Anonymous said...

Oh you have a clematis. Nice.