Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sky Watch Friday - snowing blossoms

There is a gentle breeze today that is blowing these blossoms off and down into our backyard... it's actually quite pretty. I keep telling my kids "it's snowing!" ~ thankfully it's not, it's beautiful out!
You will need to click the pictures to enlarge to appreciate the "snow"... this is the tree that is snowing on us - Happy Spring!
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Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #1

Okay - time has come for the Sweetsauer Photo Hunt unveiling! :) Here is my accomplishment of the list of 26:

1. cool or interesting architecture ~
a Sikh Temple in my City
2. sign of spring ~ lots of yard work in our backyard by the handy and
strong hands of my Husband (and help of our three kids)
3. something musical ~ my wind chimes4. something sweet ~ homemade cinnamon buns5. something metallic ~ my late-Grandfather's Metals of Honor
from World War II proudly hung on his jacket
6. a landscape ~looking over the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver Island7. an interesting doorway ~ interesting really isn't what I'd call it, but it's the best I found, I'd say this is a gorgeous doorway on a very expensive home8. a reflection ~ our Canadian Goose9. a cemetery ~last week we celebrated the long-life of my
Grandfather and said goodbye here
10. a pair of shoes ~11. a body of water ~ the Pacific Ocean:12. a drink ~ my breakfast smoothie consisting of frozen
blueberries, flavoured tofu & banana12. a mosaic or mural ~ this is on a wall on the back of a hotel we stayed in last week... it's continuous across the parking lot; I'll share the whole thing:14. rain ~ we've had an unusual little amount of rain this month...when it did rain I must've forgotten "rain" was on the photo hunt list! So, this is from October but it's a shot I really like: 15. a Classic Car 1970 or older ~ I didn't see one in person, but could have since a Car Show was in town... this is from the pullout advertisement in our Newspaper, haha: 16. a work of art ~ this happened to be under my seat on the log I was
perched on last week on the beach - unknown artist
17. a church ~ 18. a statue ~ this is in our little downtown area of my City, not sure
what it's meaning is, but it's fun!
19. an interesting sky ~ Ring Around the Sun20. something in motion ~ my son was playing with his dump truck
down this ramp we made off of our deck onto our lawn
21. Lights at Night ~ I love the shadows this light in my staircase gives off 22. a silhouette ~ 23. something historical (pre-1900) ~ this location, as noted in the 2nd photo, marks a special spot of Captain George Vancouver in 179224. a shot from an unusual perspective ~ there was a detorted plastic mirror for the kids at the playground under the slide - I looked in it and took this shot looking back out 25. Flowers ~ newly blooming Rhododendron bush in my backyard26. self-portrait ~ in that same detorted mirror - a picture of moi!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Letter O

Well, one of our favourite places to go is OREGON!!! Many Canadians in our neck of the woods flock down South for a trip to the ocean and to Portland for tax-free shopping - which we just LOVE!!! Here are some photos from our trip there last summer - only a couple months until we visit again.

Heading to the beach with buckets, boogie board and blankets:the water is so cold most of the time, not sure how they like it?!our vacation destinations are Seaside and Cannon Beach (as well as Portland for the different attractions and shopping):and our favourite treat in Seaside is Tillamook Ice Cream for only 75c a cone!to visit more photo adventures having to do with "o", please visit:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Straight Out Of the Camera

My Daughter exploring the rocky beach on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.

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PhotoHunt 159: Protect(ion)

There are a lot of neat takes on this hunt of "protect(ion)" photos... click the icon to see more links!

I couldn't decide what to do for this, but I did decide to use a picture of my Grandfather's Jacket with well-earned medals from his War Days - to serve and protect ~ we celebrated his life of 93 years this past week.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Last week at the playground there was quite an assortment of great shadows... I thought I'd save them to have to post weekly, but in reality shadows are dancing all around me all the time that it's easy to catch another snapshot... so here are the ones I collected last week (such as the one with my son that I posted for last week's SSS)made by these monkey bars:
Happy Last Weekend in April to you SSS'ers!