Friday, May 1, 2009

Another PhotoHunt for the month of May

Check this out... NicoleB Photography is hosting a photo hunt too for this month! There is a list of 25 things to have to find... I am signed up!

Here's the list, but be sure to visit her site first and sign up to say you are on board... and to read the rules... click here:

1) a souvenir

2) a fish

3) a religious building

4) a fire department

5) a manhole cover

6) a postcard

7) water

8) a communication device

9) a Life event

10) a foreign stamp

11) a tree

12) the living space of a non-human

13) a street mirror

14) a decoration fixed on a house

15) a foreign flag

16) a fire

17) an antenna

18) a phone booth

19) a “verboten” sign

20) a beach

21) a cityscape

22) something goofy

23) something carved

24) an eye

25) something rural

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Glad you signed up :D!