Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Challenge

I got most of the list accomplished, mainly by going through my photos from this month and fitting them into categories... it seemed to work out okay.

1. A Fall Activity
2. A Fall Treat ~ apple-caramel skewers
3. A Harvest
4. Leaves
5. Fall Colors
6. Something Orange
7. Something Spooky
8. A Cemetery ~ from April 2009 archive
9. A Costume
10. A Black & White Photo ~ from June archive ~ Mother and Daughter
11. A Critter
12. Symmetry
13. Contrast ~ young and old
14. Texture ~ hayride tractor tracks
15. A Logo/ Mascot
16. Something Neon
17. Something Inspiring
18. Something Entertaining ~ a Halloween-themed birthday party
19. Something Fast ~ running to the patch to find the perfect pumpkin
20. Something Slow ~ decaying pumpkin


Allegria said...

HA! Love your fast and slow photos! Too clever!

I did the challenge as well. It's at :o)

Jan said...

Jen, I like your choices for the Photo Challenge; especially the B&W. Great idea.

Laurie said...

Yes, the B & W photo!!! Very creative! :) :)

All the pics are great themed for October!!! Good job!!!

B said...

Nice collection! I liked inspiring and texture the best, I think. Good job. Blessings - B.

Michelle said...

Great job on the photo hunt. I loved the shot of the birthday party!

Krisu said...

Nice collection indeed!

Carolyn Ford said...

Great collection!

Kristi said...

You got some good shots, Jen!