Friday, October 2, 2009

October Photo Challenge!

I am ready to get into this again! Yea! Here we go...
1. A Fall Activity

2. A Fall Treat

3. A Harvest

4. Leaves

5. Fall Colors

6. Something Orange

7. Something Spooky

8. A Cemetery

9. A Costume

10. A Black & White Photo

11. A Critter

12. Symmetry

13. Contrast

14. Texture

15. A Logo/ Mascot

16. Something Neon

17. Something Inspiring

18. Something Entertaining

19. Something Fast

20. Something Slow


Kristi said...

Thanks for posting this, Jen! I am looking forward to this month's challenge!

Allegria said...

How do we go about joining? I just came across this today! Any special instructions I should know about? Thanks!