Saturday, July 18, 2009

PhotoHunt 170: Rock(s)

Along the Oregon Coast - with Heceda Head Lighthouse in the background and Sea Lions basking in the sun in the foreground:


Yami said...

I wish to visit such a beautiful place in the future. :-)

Kim said...

What an amazing photo. I love light houses and you did a great job capturing it in the background. I wish I had a place like that to go to. Looks so peaceful.

I have mine up...not as interesting as yours but it's up.

Also if I may be so bold to ask...I've entered a photo contest and while you are over visiting would you please vote for me? It would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot, I've always wanted to visit Oregon!

srp said...

Where the ocean meets the shore.. always the rocks, either large like this or worn into the small pebbles in the beach sand. Very beautiful. My hunt is up HERE.

Marites said...

This is really a beautiful capture! my PH entry is up too.