Saturday, June 27, 2009

Straight Out Of the Camera ~ window

I was hoping for a better picture, but I couldn't go and make the mothers of the bride/groom move... so I still took the photo and think it's kinda neat even with the extra bodies... I'm inside the chapel looking out at the happy newlyweds in the garden starting their wedding photos ~ For more Straight Out Of the Camera photos, visit Jan at:

EDIT: Julie left me a comment and suggested I use this for the meme "window views". Well, I found it on her blog and linked this post up this week! Thanks for letting me know about this meme!


DECORK***HappyHome Decoration said...

you have a good blog

Julie said...

Nice shot, it would be perfect for Window Views.

Sherrie said...

Wonderful shot! You have captured the moment for them to have forever. Have a great day!!